“If it landed on your house, it would be a hell of a mess.” A sheep farmer in New South Wales, Australia, has made a very unusual discovery: a massive artifact stuck in a remote part of his pen. The roughly eight-foot structure appeared to have made its way fromRead More →

Humans have shared their lives with sheep since at least 8500 BC. BC, before we lived with horses, cats, chickens or ducks, before the invention of fenced fields, writing or the plow. Sheep are sweet and cute (whether through selective breeding or natural affinity), and the long process of theirRead More →

A short housing period, low-input finish and a premium for organic lamb are key to profitability for certified organic farmer, Fergal Byrne. As previously covered by It’s farming, he runs a mixed business and feels the sheep “fit in well” with his thriving cattle ranching and tillage businesses. For him,Read More →