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40,000 visitors descend to Meath-based beef and mutton farm during Halloween season

Matt Murtagh is the owner of Causey Farm, a 300 acre sheep and oxen farm that has chosen to diversify its income in a rather “scary” way.

Talk to AgriLand, Matt explained how the idea for the Farmaphobia event came about.

He explained that many historians have suggested that the Samhain Fall Festival – now known as Halloween – can trace its origins to Ward’s Hill in Athboy, County Meath.

This is something we always wanted to celebrate here at Causey Farm so we decided to throw a Halloween event and it became Farmaphobia.

“We have been running the event for 15 years now and after five years we have christened it Farmaphobia and it has only grown.”

This year, the event is expected to attract nearly 40,000 visitors.

Commenting on what is happening at the event, he said: “During the day we do all the activities for the kids, then after dark it’s all the teenagers and the adults.”

The event includes five different areas:
  • The morgue;
  • Zombies of World War II;
  • Area 51 on the theme of extraterrestrials;
  • Ease;
  • The Fun House (clowns).

Continuing, Matt explained, “There are about 140 actors at the event every night; it became a huge production.

Matt noted that his father was a cattle and sheep trader and relied solely on this for his income.

I have to get cattle killed by the minute and it’s great not to depend on their price. I’m just trying to get them out of the grass.

“It didn’t start out so big; it took years to develop and every year you make improvements and mistakes, but year by year it grows by about 5,000 visitors.

Causey farm

In conclusion, Matt noted, “We have a Christmas event and touring activities all year round. We get a lot of visitors from France, China and things like that, as well as school visits. ”

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