Beaver Valley sheep farm hosts indoor Christmas market this month

The market will be inside the equestrian arena on November 27 and will feature several local manufacturers and producers.


Kimber Valley Farms, a unique Icelandic fiber sheep farm, located in the beautiful Beaver Valley in Kimberley, Ontario, announces its first Christmas market located in their large open arena on their farm.

The market will be held on Saturday, November 27 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will feature a variety of farmers and manufacturers offering unique items for the holiday shopper.

“Since we started our farm in 2012, we’ve met so many amazing and talented people in the area,” commented Kimber Valley co-owners Lynn Thordarson and Catherine Gaudet. “We have always been passionate about supporting our community and we hope that by providing a market for these farmers and producers, they will be exposed to a wider audience.

The market will be held in the farm’s large open arena, where Gray Bruce Public Health’s COVID guidelines will be in effect, with a hand sanitizing station at the entrance and people on-site to manage the lines if needed. Wearing a mask by visitors is compulsory. Parking is available on site, but somewhat limited.

Kimber Valley Farms is located at 236087 Beaver Valley Road in the Beaver Valley near the intersection of 119 and Gray 13 Road. The white domed arena is visible from the road.

The market currently has 17 registered sellers, including producers of:

  • my dear,
  • various organic meats raised locally,
  • artisan cheese,
  • preserves,
  • botanicals in small batches for well-being,
  • floral patterns,
  • fresh baked goods,
  • leather goods,
  • environmentally friendly household items,
  • comfortable knitwear,
  • unique fiber art,
  • handmade wooden creations,
  • knitted fashion,
  • home decor pillows,
  • crochet toys,
  • embroidered sheets,
  • wool blankets,
  • hats and capes,
  • and delicious local food.

Kimber Valley Farms’ own Icelandic sheep fiber products will be available including premium raw fleece, wicks and yarns, as well as beautiful handcrafted fibers such as fisherman’s mittens, popular Icelandic hats. , hats and felted soap. A complete list of suppliers is available online: https: // events.

“We like to think of our farm as a positive, educational and happy place for visitors,” said Thordarson and Gaudet. “Our Icelandic sheep make faces smile, and we love to share our story with others and show them where the fiber comes from. By inviting other suppliers and our community to come together under one roof, it seems like a way nice to start the holiday season. And our Australian Shepherd Dog Stitch is more than happy to be our de facto host!

About Kimber Valley Farms

Founded in 2012, set on 92 acres in the bucolic setting of the rolling hills of Beaver Valley, the farm has 60 sheep as well as three horses, a donkey and a llama. The owners, Lynn Thordarson and Catherine Gaudet, continued this adventure with the goal of sharing their farm with an engaged audience interested in a rural experience, as well as the products that the sheep produce. This is achieved through several channels, including a cabin for hire to support on-site workshops, such as knitting and felting, individual lamb sponsorship, farm tours, and Icelandic sheep fiber products which include l roaming, premium raw fleece and yarn.

Fibers, such as Icelandic hats and fisherman’s mittens, are produced as unique items that support the trendy farm movement which is a core value of Kimber Valley Farms. Lynn, whom Amma came from Iceland to Canada as a young girl, has deep roots in Icelandic culture passed down from generation to generation. Kimber Valley Farms continues its family history through breeding this unique, versatile and beautiful heirloom breed of Icelandic sheep.