“I want my money now” | Deebo Samuel joins new wave, players wiping Instagram team to express displeasure with contract

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

In the current era of NFL football, players are now resorting to new measures to let their franchises know that they are unhappy with their current contract situation. Social media is the growing weapon of choice.

The latest move was to wipe their social media accounts of all photos of their current squad. Deebo Samuel, San Francisco’s dynamic receiver, saw all those exorbitant contracts being awarded to wide receivers this offseason and decided he wanted to strike while the market was hot too.

Samuel deleted all but one of the photos from his Instagram account which was once littered with 49ers photos. He even has a blank profile picture that was once him in his Niners gear. The stud’s all-around playmaker also dropped out of the team. He once had 248 posts on his Instagram; it would have erased 84, bringing it down to 164.

NFL analyst Dante Hall had this to say Friday on “Good Morning Football.”

“It’s a big deal that he deleted his Instagram account,” Hall said. “When these guys… do something on social media that sends a message. This message to the 49ers is, hey Christian Kirk has been paid. Davante Adams has been paid. Stefon Diggs has been paid. I want to be paid.

While the Niners are traditionally slow in how they deal with contracts, the team was particularly focused on trying to trade QB Jimmy Garoppolo, but to no avail. Trading Jimmy G could be a big part of securing a deal for Samuel, but either way, it’s in their interest to satisfy their star offensive player.

“The process for the 49ers has always been to wait, you get paid later in the offseason,” Hall said. “If I’m Deebo Samuel, watching all these guys get paid historic amounts, I’m like, I want my money now.”

Deebo deserves a new deal: The Niners’ best and most important offensive weapon

Samuel is built like and plays with the mentality of a running back, but he still has home run ability with his 4.4 speed. The heavy offensive threat played in South Carolina where he showed flashes of his dual threat abilities. Putting a coach like Kyle Shanahan with a player like Deebo seemed like a match made in football heaven.

And the union didn’t disappoint at all, as Samuel has been the most used and vital piece in the Niners’ program for the past two seasons.

The 2019 second-round pick has already exceeded expectations. In 2021, Samuel finished with 1,770 scrimmage yards, which ranked third in the entire NFL. His 1,405 receiving yards were good for fifth in the league. He also became the first wide receiver in NFL history with at least 1,300 receiving yards and 300 rushing yards in a season.

Samuel also broke former Colts wide receiver Lenny Moore’s record for rushing touchdowns by a receiver (8), a record that stood for 60 years. In fact, six of Samuel’s rushing TDS were 10 yards or more.

When it comes to receiving numbers, ranking fifth in a league of dynamic pass catchers is no small feat. But as we delve deeper into his year catching football, you’ll see a lot more. Samuel’s 18.2 yards per catch were the best in the league. He accounted for 23 explosive games (games of at least 20 meters).

Samuel had nine 40-yard receptions last season, which tied for first in the league with Cooper Kupp of the Rams and Mike Williams of the Chargers. His 10.5 yards after the catch were the best in the NFL. And last but not least, he finished with an impressive 779 yards after catching. That’s more than half of his 1,405 receiving yards. Only the discarded Rams and reigning SB MVP Cooper Kupp had more (846) and he had 69 more receptions (146 to 77).

Other stars have also done it recently: it seemed to work

Samuel saw the Tyreek Hill Chiefs post cryptic messages across all social media, to be traded next week. The trade allowed him to become the highest paid receiver in the league.

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray did the same thing by cleaning up his social media of anything card-related and unfollowing his own team. After the move backfired, Murray asked his agent to send the team a letter, telling them how badly he wanted to stay in Arizona forever. Things seem to be going well in “The Valley of the Sun” at the moment.

But for Samuel, seeing Hill, Adams and Diggs get paid shouldn’t bother him as all three are Top 5 guys. dollars from the Jaguars. Kirk never had a 1,000 yard season, and he was never more than a third receiving option.

The Niners have SB aspirations with a great coaching staff, led by Kyle Shanahan and rising defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans. But those aspirations quickly become bleak enough without a healthy and happy Deebo Samuel, who is the centerpiece of the 49ers offense.