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Françoise Saverot keeps one of her Tunis sheep, a rare breed, on her farm in Barboursville.


BARBOURSVILLE – Owning sheep was Françoise Saverot’s dream since she was a little girl, and now Saverot is living that dream at Three Sheep Inn Farm in Barboursville.

Despite the name, the 89-acre property has more than three sheep and is not an inn. The misnomer comes from a pun and a family joke when the native of Monaco said “free delivery” in her accent.

While not all of the 89 acres are used for the farm, Three Sheep Inn Farm uses rotational grazing in seven different fields. Saverot, 60, is now four years old in her dream of raising sheep and says she spends every morning with the sheep and goats, in addition to looking after them two to three times a day.

“I make sure everyone is okay and, depending on the project, can get their nails done or check their eyes. There is a schedule for them regularly, and in between I have a garden. I don’t take care of them 24 hours a day, but I come to see them two to three times a day, ”she says.

After living in Northern Virginia for 25 years, Saverot and her husband, Pierre, chose the location because it was less than two hours’ drive from their home, allowing them to travel on weekends to develop the future farm site. The couple also took classes at Virginia State University and visited other sheep farms.

“It wasn’t until we got here and decided to get land here that we went to class at VSU to become shepherds,” said Françoise Saverot. “We worked on the barn to find exactly the way we wanted it. We had a mentor and we had to prepare the map of our field and our barn. It was wonderful because it made us think about how we are using it and how we are going to use it. We were able to see exactly how it worked.

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