! Murcia today – Sheep farm meets solar power plant: energy company reveals plans to provide electricity to 70,000 homes in Alicante

Date of publication: 09/11/2021

The company proposes to build a solar farm on land in the municipalities of Monovar and Salinas on the Costa Blanca

The Valencian energy group Atitlan Helios has revealed its intention to build a photovoltaic power plant in the municipalities of Monovar and Salinas, a project that will see an investment of 62 million euros and will provide electricity to 70,000 homes in Alicante.

The proposals were presented to the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, claiming that the development will generate 600 direct and indirect jobs and inject around four million euros into municipal coffers in “taxes, fees and building charges”.

The project, called “116 MW FV Monover”, is promoted by the company Vulpes Velox Invest, which has already requested the corresponding Prior Administrative Authorization and an Environmental Impact Study.

The company estimates that the photovoltaic solar power plant will generate 230 GWh per year, equivalent to the average annual consumption of 70,000 households, and prevent the emission into the atmosphere of more than 88,000 tonnes of CO2, or the equivalent to planting 300,000 trees.

The energy generated will come from the Novelda electrical substation, owned by Red Eléctrica de España, via evacuation infrastructures shared with other developers, thus minimizing the environmental impact of the infrastructures necessary for the connection.

Sheep farm meets solar power plant: energy company reveals plans to supply electricity to 70,000 Alicante homes

In addition, the support structure of the photovoltaic modules will be sunk directly into the ground, which means that the use of concrete and earthworks will not be necessary, “guaranteeing the colonization of the entire territory by wild vegetation”.

And, while awaiting an agreement with local communities and environmental associations, the company proposes to work with local companies and to integrate “complementary activities”, such as organic farming, beekeeping and the cultivation of aromatic herbs.

The project, which the energy company has been working on for two years, will include vegetation screens to minimize visual impact, reforestation with native vegetation and fauna, and the burial of 2,300 meters of the line. evacuation during its passage between the Pedrisses and Betíes. mountain ranges, an area regularly frequented by the public.

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