After nearly two decades of advocating for the deployment of broadband broadband in rural America, National Grange’s dream is within reach. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the United States Department of Agriculture, and now Congress, through the infrastructure package, have committed to providing significant funding for rural broadband. There isRead More →

American businesswoman and philanthropist Melinda Gates speaks at the Generation Equality Forum on June 30, 2021. Gender and equality are likely to be front and center as she no longer pledges most of her wealth to the Foundation Gates. AFP via Getty Images Text size Melinda French Gates will likelyRead More →

Accidentally buying the wrong sheep is a mistake in paying dividends for a producer in Hunter Valley. The Australian White is a breed of Australian meat sheep originally developed for Australian conditions and rapidly gaining popularity. However, this was never something a Gundy farm had in mind until they accidentallyRead More →